Questions we regularly get asked

Toggle through the questions below to see the answers to each. These are the questions we get asked on a regular basis when talking to our customers.

What’s included/how do you clean windows?

On every visit we will always ensure glass, frames and sills are cleaned. We also include front/back doors for free as well. The cleaning method we use is the pure water fed pole method. This is a safe way to clean windows thoroughly and effectively. It uses a soft bristled brush on a telescopic pole with a hose connected to it. 100% pure filtered water is pumped from our van to the brush enabling us to scrub the windows clean and rinse away the dirt.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have Public Liability insurance in place to the value of £5,000,000 details are available on request.

Do you come all year round?

We pride ourselves on the reliability of the year-round service we provide. We work in all weathers throughout the year to maintain agreed schedules. Snow or heavy rain/wind can cause a slight change in schedule along with bank holidays, but we will do our utmost to carry out your clean every 5 or 10 weeks.

Why don’t you charge more for 1st clean?

We don’t charge more for a first clean like other window cleaners because we value you as a long-term customer. Our regular service means that you can be assured that we will carry out cleans on an ongoing basis. We run a professional, reliable and reputable business. (if you wish to cancel before your third clean a cancellation charge of £30.00 or the value of the remaining cleans will be payable (whichever greater) if cancelled before the third clean has taken place).

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely! We are confident that you will be happy with your clean, if for any reason you are not, please call us within 24hrs, tell us why and we will return asap and re clean free of charge.

Do you clean in the rain?

Yes, we do clean in rain; we guarantee your windows will still be perfectly clean. If it is heavy rain, we will usually wait for it to subside then carry on.

Can I skip a clean?

We offer a regular service and we allocate time in our schedule to clean your property on a regular basis. If you are going on holiday for example and would like to reschedule then just let us know at least 7 days in advance of the clean. If you do not let us know 7 days in advance and either phone the same day or turn us away at the door it is too late to reschedule, and we reserve the right to charge for the clean.

What other services do you offer?

We offer Window Cleaning, Gutter Clearing, Fascia/Soffit Cleaning, Conservatory Cleaning, Driveway/Patio/Decking Cleaning and Treatments, Solar Panel and Garage Door Cleaning. Carpet and upholstery Cleaning coming soon!

How do I pay?

Window cleaning payments are made by direct debit. You sign up on a secure website run by our payment collector. It takes around 30 seconds to sign up. Then for the rest of your time with us… We clean your windows as usual. You will receive an email to say we’re going to draw the money after the clean. A week later we draw the payment. You have nothing further to do.

  • It’s not a regular payment; we only draw the money after we clean! We’ll never see your bank details.
  • You are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. – Please see the payment page on our website to set up paying for your regular window cleaning service.
  • We also accept other payment methods for services other than regular window cleaning.

Do you care about the environment?

Yes. Our cleaning method uses nothing but pure water. Nothing at all is added. The one time we do use detergents is when we clean conservatory roofs or sometimes fascias and soffits. In that case, we use an Ecover product that is completely harmless to wildlife. Our vans are chosen for their fuel efficiency and regularly serviced and well maintained for many years.

Do I need to be in when you come?

You don’t need to be in when we come. We will send a sms text message the evening before we are due asking you close windows and to leave access gates unlocked.

Our full terms and conditions can be found here.